A small group of locals gathered with Rev Michael Womack on the morning of November 19th to commemorate the anniversary of the B-17 crash that killed ten young US airmen in Redlingfield during WW2. Beverly Abbott and Linda Woodward laid a the wreath at the Redlingfield memorial. Rev Womack read a poem and said a prayer.

The poem read by Rev Womack

When Freedom Bled

When came the moment, came the men,
But they were made from special seed,
And so they flocked to heed the call,
For they were men of, Yesterday’s Breed

Allied, they came from far and wide,
To fight in Freedom’s name,
And valour was their watchword,
But their likes will never come again

They were Great uncles and Great Granddad’s,
Of every colour, culture, creed,
And they came because they could not bear,
To watch the cause for Freedom bleed.