Doorstep Green

Our Doorstep Green is a three-quarter acre site close to the centre of the village. Opened in July 2006, it is a play, recreation and wildlife area that the whole village helped design and create over a three-year period with funding and help from a number of organisations and individuals.

There are swings, a football kick about area and a place to shoot hoops, with several picnic tables and seats to sit and enjoy the view. This is surrounded by both mature and newly-planted native hedging, designed to provide food and shelter to birds and wildlife, along with a wildflower meadow, composting facilities, insect, bat and bird boxes. More than 30 larger trees, both native and ornamental, have also been planted.  There is also a pergola and covered seating area overlooking the small garden. It’s incredibly popular and well used, by both residents and people from nearby villages.

Every year we hold our annual village get together and BBQ at the Doorstep Green, with around 150 people attending the festivities. A dedicated group of volunteers continues to look after and maintain the site.

After fundraising for what seems like forever we have recently installed a slide, designed for young people up to 12. Thanks go to all who have given of their time and money as well as to the Parish Council which contributed £1,000 toward the costs and the anonymous donor who contributed £2,000. Visit the Doorstep Green gallery to see the Doorstep Green, its creation and how much fun it was installing the slide.