Parish Council

Redlingfield’s Parish Council is a Village Meeting with one open public meeting a year at Horham & Athelington Community Centre, usually in early April (see events). Each year a chairman, treasurer and secretary are elected along with committee members.

Redlingfield Village Meeting’s committee meets throughout the year to discuss issues that affect the village and to organise the fundraising events for the year – usually Pubs throughout summer on the Doorstep Green, a BBQ, cheese and wine and harvest supper (see events).

The money raised at these events pays to keep the centre of the village well-kept, to help St Andrews church and to maintain the Doorstep Green among other things. The success of these fundraising events means that we don’t need to raise a rate through the local Council Tax.

The Village Meeting is keen to ensure that Redlingfield remains a vibrant community. One of its long-term aims is to bring affordable housing to the village to ensure that children are not forced to move away, farmworkers can live near their work and parents near their offspring.

The current chairman of the Parish Council is Mike Ager.

The Parish Council can be contacted by emailing