After much fruitless research to find surviving relatives to attend the 2010 unveiling of the B-17 memorial in the village, relatives of seven of the ten brave young US airmen who lost their lives in the crash have now been in touch with us and the 95th Bomb Group Heritage Association. The latest to get in touch were Patrick Flynn a relative of S/Sgt Gordon V Sorensen and the crewman's niece Jennifer Sorensen Flynn. This website has now put the village in touch with relatives of seven of the crew – S/Sgt Gordon V Sorensen, radio operator; 2nd Lt Kenneth B Rongstad, pilot; 2nd Lt Warren Franklin Mansfield Strawn, co-pilot; 2nd Lt Richard E Diete, navigator; S/Sgt Gail A Richmond Junior, top-turret gunner/flight engineer; Sgt Charles E Phinney, ball turret gunner; and S/Sgt Kenneth Cosby, tail gunner. The memorial to commemorate the ten crew of an American B-17 bomber that crashed in the village in the Second World War was dedicated on Saturday May 15th 2010.