WW2 veteran visitors

Six of seven WW2 veterans visiting the UK as part of a 70th anniversary reunion tour organised by the 95th Bomb Group Heritage Association line up after laying a wreath at the B-17 crash memorial in Redlingfield. They visited the memorial on Saturday June 22 as part of a tour, in WW2 vehicles, of the remaining parts of Horham Airfield where they were stationed 70 years. The 95th Bomb Group veterans are from left: Jack Bertram, pilot, 412th Bomb Squadron; Harry Hull, bombardier, 412th Bomb Squadron (part of Bertram crew as above); Ed Yursky, tail gunner, 336th Bomb Squadron (Severson crew); Bob Fay, ball turret gunner, 334th Bomb Squadron (Hiram Griffin crew); Irv Rothman, top turret gunner/flight engineer, 336th Bomb Squadron (Foley crew); and Ben Roujansky, radio operator, 336th Bomb Squadron (Trobovich crew).

By Mike Ager on June 26th, 2013

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