Saturday 5th January: Overnight on Wickham Road, Thornham Magna, 2 vehicles belonging to the same person have had their number plates removed, whilst they were parked on the driveway of the property. The vehicles targeted were a hatchback Peugeot and a Nissan Niva pickup truck. A mobile phone was also stolen during the evening, whilst left briefly unattended on the bar of The Royal Oak public house on the High Street, Laxfield.
Tuesday 8th January: Over a previous 17 day period, 200 litres of diesel fuel have been taken from engineering vehicles parked in a field at Lower Rose Lane, Palgrave. Reported on this date was a Burglary to a property on an unnamed road in Redlingfield. This is believed to have occurred between 17th December and 8th January. Entry was gained by the offenders forcing open a wooden framed rear window. A TV was stolen from within. Also reported on this date was Criminal Damage to the Sports Pavilion, Hoxne. Between 22nd and 29th December is the timescale this is believed to have occurred, whereby unknown offenders have damaged a rear door and smashed windows.
Wednesday 9th January: Between 8am and 4:20pm, unknown offenders have entered a property on Water Lane, Weybread, by smashing a panel of a wooden rear door. Once inside, an expensive watch was stolen worth a considerable amount of money.
Friday 11th January: Only minimal details are allowed, but during daylight hours, unknown offenders have broken into a property on Hoxne Road, Syleham and searched it, although nothing has been reported as stolen.
Saturday 12th January: Between 10.30 and 12.30, unknown offenders have gained entry to an insecure Vauxhall Corsa, whilst it was parked in the Community Centre Car Park, Rickinghall. A wallet was stolen from the glove box and a mobile phone stolen from the rear seat.