A further relative of one of the young US airmen who tragically lost their lives when their B-17 crashed at Green Farm (see our local history pages) during WW2 has been in touch. When Tracey Mogan Googled the name Richard Diete – her grandmother’s brother – she was “shocked and honoured” to find the memorial had been set up for the ten airmen who died in the Redlingfield crash. She wrote: “My great grandmother (Richard's mom) would be so honoured and proud”.  This website has now put the village in touch with relatives of six of the crew – 2nd Lt Kenneth B Rongstad, pilot; 2nd Lt Warren Franklin Mansfield Strawn, co-pilot; 2nd Lt Richard E Diete, navigator (pictured); S/Sgt Gail A Richmond Junior, top-turret gunner/flight engineer; Sgt Charles E Phinney, ball turret gunner; and S/Sgt Kenneth Cosby, tail gunner. Marcia Moyer, the niece of 2nd Lt Strawn has sent us a wealth of new pictures which will soon be available in a gallery in our local history pages.