There are two types of broadband available.

For people on Mill Road, Abbotts Meadow and Occold Corner there is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). (see below).

The Green Box in the centre of the village beside the village sign is supplying superfast broadband  via Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), to everyone on the Church Road, Green Lane and Knoll side of the Green Box.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) The Green Box will provide superfast broadband which will serve everyone on the Green Lane, Church Road and Knoll side of the Green Box - including Redlingfield Hall (approx. 0.8 km), Green Farm (approx. 0.9 km), Wash Farm (approx. 1.4km)  & Rookery Farm (approx. 1.9km).

The closer you are physically to the Green Box the faster your broadband download speeds will be.  Here is a graph which shows the likely speeds you can expect. (Remember distance is as the phone line travels not as the bird flies). FTTC uses optical fibre cable from the telephone exchange to the Green Box and then uses the normal copper phone line from the Green Box to your house.

FTTC speed distance graph2

For people attached to the Green Box - moving to superfast broadband should only require them to order it from their ISP and then change the router they use for a new one (normally supplied by their ISP) capable of handling the faster speeds - it shouldn't require any new wiring inside the house (unless you are getting broadband for the first time).

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) For those of you not familiar with FTTP technology and the steps needed to get Fibre to the Premises operational - these are the steps involved.

Openreach have placed the fibre optic cables on the telegraph poles ready to be connected to each house - at Occold Corner, Mill Road and Abbots Meadow.

When you order superfast fibre broadband (also sometimes called cable broadband) from your ISP they will instruct an engineer (or engineers) to carry out a two stage process:-

  •     First an engineer will connect a fibre optic cable from the telegraph pole to a box that s/he will place on the outside of your house (normally near where your landline phone enters the house).
  •     Then another engineer will call at the house by appointment to install a box connector inside your house and install the broadband hub or router - which your computer, smart TV or whatever are then connected to (usually wirelessly).

The firm employed by ISPs to undertake this engineering work is BT - so the people concerned are normally BT engineers.

Not all ISPs are currently able to offer superfast FTTP broadband (speeds in excess of 100/200/300 Meg).

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