Suffolk Fostering Service needs carers

There are currently around 750 children in care in Suffolk, the majority of these are in foster care, and placed with our own registered foster carers.

Suffolk County Council wants all children in its care to have a permanent, safe home in which they will be loved, nurtured and thrive. For some this will be with members of their family, while for others the best option will be for them to be adopted or be with a permanent fostering family.

People who foster/adopt can… 

  • Be any age over 21
  • Be married , single , divorced, or in a civil partnership
  • Be  gay/lesbian , bisexual  or heterosexual
  • Rent or own their home
  • Be disabled
  • Be of any ethnicity, race, religion or culture
  • Already have children or not  

We know that many people can be hesitant to come forward and take the next step to either foster or adopt, and need some encouragement or re-assurance that they will receive a quick and sensitive response with answers to any initial questions they may have.

Suffolk Fostering Service needs carers for children of all ages, but is particularly interested in hearing from people able to care for sibling groups or children over the age of 11.

Foster carers receive ongoing and regular supervision, support and training.

Foster carers can provide care on a short-term basis whilst permanent plans are made for children to return home to birth family or to an adoptive family. Alternatively, they can provide care on a long-term or permanent basis where the child will become a part of the carer’s family until they are ready to leave home, but hopefully throughout their adult life too.

There are also specialised schemes such as the MTFC Zipwire programme for children over the age of seven who have more complex and challenging needs.  MTFC Zipwire offers carers structured support and a fee which represents the complexity of the task of caring for children with additional needs.

Alternatively, there is the LINK service which supports children and young people with learning, physical or sensory disability, and their families by providing regular short breaks.

Foster carer Jackie says ‘ Being a foster carer gives me a huge sense of pride in what I am doing – to make such a difference, and to be part of, and share, a child’s life is so gratifying’

Contact the Fostering Service on: 0800 328 21480800 328 2148 or visit

 Suffolk Adoption Agency is currently looking for families particularly for brothers and sisters to grow up together in pairs or groups of three; children over three and disabled children of all ages.

Support is available to adoptive families throughout childhood and beyond if needed.

Building a family through adoption is rewarding, and is an opportunity to make a very significant different to someone’s life

Contact the Adoption Agency on: 0800 389 94170800 389 9417 or visit

By Jamie Dyer on March 7th, 2014