Please report suspicious activity

Members of the public are being asked to act as the eyes and ears of local communities and to report any suspicious activity they see. Crime in Suffolk has decreased for the 8th consecutive year in a row and all is being done to ensure that this continues. Officers would like any member of the public who has seen anything suspicious or who has any concerns about crime in their area to report it to local police.  Should you have anything to report, contact police on 101, and in an emergency, dial 999. Officers in the county are doing all that they can to tackle rural crime, with a dedicated Rural Crime Officer and team based in Halesworth. Landowners, business owners and members of the public are being urged to ensure that any suspicious activity they see is reported to police immediately. It is extremely important that police are alerted to suspicious persons or vehicles and that as much details as possible is captured.  Of particular importance is the capturing of vehicle information. Police have access to advanced automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, so having access to the number plates of suspicious vehicles can be beneficial in locating offenders. Any information should be reported on 101, if a crime is in progress or in an emergency, dial 999. Please use the following link to pass useful information to Suffolk Police about any incident. Do not use this link in an emergency or in a situation that requires an immediate police response when you should ring 999.

By Police Direct Team on May 3rd, 2014

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