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The new county policing model in Suffolk went live on Monday 4th April. Teams and resources have been re-designed following the Suffolk Local Policing Review, to ensure that policing in Suffolk is able to respond to current and emerging demand. The driving force behind the re-design has been the need to ensure that the Constabulary delivers policing that is right for today – so a number of things will be carried out differently to ensure the most efficient response and use of police resources. 

SNTs will work with partners to deliver local solutions to local problems, focusing on early intervention and prevention.  The changes will ensure that the best use is made of PC and PCSO time. Working hours of PCSOs have been changed to align with partners and new ways of working with parish councils have been agreed.

SNT officers often cover a large number of local parishes, and have historically attended as many parish council meetings as they can. SNT’s will now liaise with town and parish councils in different ways. Officers will no longer attend meetings, but will continue to regularly engage with these partners and will attend a meeting if there is a specific local issue of concern, or following a major incident. Written reports of crime in the SNT area and details of police work to tackle local issues will be prepared every month and will also be available on the Constabulary website.

The Police Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore has raised the policing element of council tax by 1.9%, this will add £830k to the Constabulary’s budget in the next financial year, which will help fund 20 Police Officers to focus on protecting vulnerable people and support the county’s cyber-crime investigations and three PCSO’s to carry out a liaison role in schools right across the county. This increase to the policing element of the precept means the average council tax will rise by just under 7p a week.

Eye Police Station will now be the base for the following wards – Eye, Debenham, Fressingfield, Hoxne, Palgrave, Stradbroke, Wetheringsett and Worlingworth. Currently, the local Officers for these areas are PCSO Steven Long and PCSO Kane Martin; we can still be contacted in the same ways as before such as email or the non-emergency number of 101.

By PCSO 3172 Steven Long on May 23rd, 2016

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