Community Workshop on the future of The Bank, Eye

We would like to invite you to a Community Workshop @ The Bank, Eye; Thursday 17th August 7pm-9pm. We are holding a structured workshop for the local and wider community to include all those who have a stake in the future of this Community Resource. We are inviting the community to come along and discuss the issues, find solutions and create stable and secure future for Eyes Open CIC. This is a community event to facilitate an open, positive discussion with the whole community. We are all committed to build and grow this community resource to its full potential in accordance with the original values of Eyes Open CIC: Open, Accountable, Responsible, Compassion, Nurture, Education, Creative, Safe, Inclusive, Active Listening, Regenerative, Interconnected. We look forward to your contributions of talents, gifts, and expertise.

Ursula Halton, Peter Brooke, Hayley Lock & Chris Parr

By Ursula Halton – Communications; Eyes Open CIC on August 16th, 2017

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