Bees on Doorstep Green

We have had reports that bees were swarming on the Doorstep Green. Having investigated, taken pictures and consulted with Suffolk Wildlife Trust and a local bee expert we have discovered that the bees concerned are Tree Bumblebees. They are not swarming - the frantic activity being seen by one of the pub/shed posts - are male Tree Bumblebees excitedly waiting for the new queens to emerge for their maiden flights before they go off to found their own new colonies. That means that the colony has been there for some time and is coming to an end once the new queens have flown. However, this could easily take anther three to four weeks to occur. So the local bee person (Brian Norman of Fir Tree Farm near Beccles) is coming over next wednesday morning to see what action we can take. He will be bringing his bees suit so he can have a good look at what is happening. Either we will be able to fence off the bees behind a mesh screen - away from people - or more drastic measures may be needed (kill them or cancel the next pub on the green). Brian assures me that these bees are not normally aggressive and are really only focused on the new Queens - so if a barrier can be put up they should remain on their side of it at the entrance to the existing colony (which looks to be under the tiles but we won't know till next wednesday when Brian has a good look). In the meantime we have put a notice up on the gate and ask people to stay away from the bees and the shed.

By Janet Norman-Philips on May 26th, 2017

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