2016 AGM

Annual General Meeting of Redlingfield Village Meeting  at Horham & Athelington Community Centre at 8pm on Wednesday 25th May 2016 (Ref 20/05/16)

In attendance: chairman Andrew Abbott; treasurer Jeanette Brierley; secretary Janet Norman-Philips; committee members Mike Ager, Pat Kelly and Jacqueline Love; members of public David Love; and guests county councillor Guy McGregor and district councillor Elizabeth Gibson-Harries.

1. Apologies for absence: Rev Michael Womack, Graham, Hazel and Katie Abbott, Will Edwards, Linda Hudson & Stephen Ling.

2. Reports from guests:
Janet Norman-Philips summarised the police report from PCSO Steven Long (written report).
b. District councillor Elizabeth Gibson-Harries (written report).
c. County councillor Guy McGregor (written report). He offered to arrange a meeting with councillor Jane Storey to discuss broadband.
d. Jacqueline Love read out Rev Michael Womack’s report (written report).

3. Minutes of the last meeting: read and agreed.

4. Matters arising: Janet Norman-Philips had not worked on extending the 30 mph speed limit past Kiln Farm. She agreed to do this and Guy McGregor agreed to move this forward.

5. Chairman’s report: Andrew Abbott thanked Janet Norman-Philips for her help and work on the church and Doorstep green and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

6. Treasurer’s report: Jeanette Brierley to provide written summary.
a. Ref 25/05/15a the minute of accounts and governance was accepted.
b. Ref 25/05/15b the 2016 Financial Risk Assessment and Management Actions document was adopted.
c. Ref 25/05/15c the 2016 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Report was accepted.

7. Village committee membership:
The committee of Andrew Abbott, Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Jeanette Brierley, Susan Chapman, Allan Chapman, Will Edwards, Lesley Freitas, Tony Freitas, Chris Gibbons, Pat Kelly, Russell Kerry, Jacqueline Love, Manday Miller and Janet Norman-Philips were all re-elected unanimously.

8. Election of officers:
Treasurer: Jeanette Brierley re-elected unanimously.
b. Secretary: Janet Norman-Philips re-elected unanimously.
c. Chairman: Andrew Abbott re-elected unanimously.

9. Neighbourhood watch: no report. Chris Gibbons is looking for someone to take over this role.

10. Report from Redlingfield Village Amenities (Doorstep Green) & Church project: Janet Norman-Philips reported that work on the Doorstep Green enlargement waiting for negotiations over the land drains to be completed. The church restoration was coming towards the end of its first phase.

11. Any other business: Dog poo bins have been purchased and were being installed on the Doorstep Green by Andrew Abbott.

12. The date of the next Pub on the Green was noted as 28th May.

13. The date of the next village committee meeting was noted as Tuesday 7th June at 8pm at Russell Kerry’s home. A meeting will also be held on Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 8 pm (venue to be agreed).

The meeting ended at 9pm.