2015 AGM

38th Annual General Meeting of Redlingfield Village Meeting at Horham & Athelington Community Centre at 8pm on Wednesday 20th May 2015 (Ref 20/5/15)

In attendance: chairman Andrew Abbott; treasurer Jeanette Brierley; secretary Janet Norman-Philips; committee members Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Pat Kelly and Jacqueline Love; members of public Hazel Abbott, Will Edwards, Linda Hudson and Stephen Ling; and guests PCSO Steven Long and county councillor Guy McGregor.

1. Apologies for absence: District Councillor Elizabeth Gibson-Harries, Rev Michael Womack, committee members Chris Gibbons and Russell Kerry.

2. Reports from guests:
a. PCSO Steven Long:
Redlingfield had one reported crime in the past year – a crime reduction of 50 per cent. Our crime rate was the lowest in the Mid Suffolk North Safer Neighbourhood Team area. The crime was the theft of the emergency blue light from a fire service vehicle. PC Jacqui Thomas has left the team and Sgt Kieron Pederick has taken charge. He reported that Suffolk Police faced making cuts of £20.5m (written report is available here).
b. County councillor Guy McGregor: Congratulated the parish on the huge improvements made in the village with the Doorstep Green etc and the planned work on extending it and repairing the church. He said our local schools out-performed the general quality of Suffolk’s schools. He believed highways had been improved. Pat Kelly questioned him on the closure of The Paddocks in Eye and the provision of care places at the Hartismere site. He said turning Eye town centre into a 20mph zone was being considered. Andrew Abbott asked about extending Redlingfield’s 30mph limit out past Kiln Farm. Guy said it was a bureaucratic process and the request needed to come from the village meeting.
c. District councillor Elizabeth Gibson-Harries:
her written report was read (her report is available here).

3. Minutes of the last meeting: read and agreed. It was reported that the No Through Road sign had been placed at the end of Rookery Lane. Janet Norman-Philips’ successful bid for the Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund grant of £71,800 to repair the church roof.

4. Matters arising: none.

5. Chairman’s report: Andrew Abbott said it had been a painless experience thanks to the help of Janet Norman-Philips.

6. Treasurer’s report: (2014-2015 summary is available here).
a. Ref 20/5/15a the minute of accounts and governance was accepted.
Ref 20/5/15b the 2015 Financial Risk Assessment and Management Actions document was adopted.
c. Ref 20/5/15c the 2015 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Report was accepted.

7. Village committee membership:
The committee of Andrew Abbott, Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Jeanette Brierley, Susan Chapman, Andrew Abbott, Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Jeanette Brierley, Susan Chapman, Allan Chapman, Lesley Freitas, Tony Freitas, Chris Gibbons, Pat Kelly, Russell Kerry, Jacqueline Love, Manday Miller and Janet Norman-Philips were all re-elected unanimously. Will Edwards was elected on to the committee.

8. Election of officers:
Treasurer: Jeanette Brierley re-elected unanimously.
b. Secretary: Janet Norman-Philips re-elected unanimously.
c. Chairman: Andrew Abbott re-elected unanimously.

9. Neighbourhood watch: no report.

10. Redlingfield Village Amenities (Doorstep Green): Janet Norman-Philips reported that we are looking to increase the size of the Doorstep Green and get highway access as part of a three-way agreement with the Doorstep Green, church and landowner – the planning application was in for consideration and it was hoped that we could move forward rapidly once that was agreed.

11. Any other business:
The meeting officially thanked Peter and Joyce Saunders for donating £10,000 to finance the highway access for the new Doorstep Green and church.
b. Janet Norman-Philips reported that work was due to start on the church roof in September and should be finished by the end of December.
c. Hazel Abbott thanked all the committee for their hard work on behalf of the village.

12. The date of the next Pub on the Green was noted as 23rd May.

13. The date of the next village committee meeting was noted as Tuesday 9th June at 8pm. Venue to be arranged.

14. The meeting ended at 9.10pm.