2014 AGM

37th Annual General Meeting of Redlingfield Village Meeting at Horham & Athelington Community Centre 8pm on Wednesday 14th May 2014 (Ref: 05/14)

1     Apologies for adbscence:  Sue Chapman, Alan Chapman, Chris Gibbons, Manday Miller. In attendance: Andrew Abbott, Katie Abbott, Graham Abbott, Mike Ager (chairman), Jeanette Brierley(treasurer), Pat Kelly, Russell Kerry, Jacqueline Love & Janet Norman-Philips (secretary/clerk) (all committee members), Hazel Abbott, Philip & Joyce Leeder, Stephen Ling, David Love (villagers/electors).

2      Reports from guests*:
a. Mid Suffolk District councillor Elizabeth Gibson-Harries.*
b. Suffolk County councillor & SuffolkCC chairman Guy McGregor.*
c. Rev Michael Womack.*
d. PC Jacqui Thomas (unable to attend - report read by Janet Norman-Philips). *
NB: *Written reports from guests are with secretary/clerk Janet Norman-Philips.

Decisions taken/Agreed:
e. The committee will write to Cllr McGregor requesting “No Through Road” signs for Rookery Lane and provide a list of any potholes in the parish that need to be repaired.
f. Members of the meeting asked Cllr McGregor to consider changing the humpback crossing in Eye to Zebra crossings to aid driver clarity and increase public safety.
g. Rev Womack reported that the quinquennial report into Redlingfield church identified £100k of repairs needed. The report also identified that our church was considered a rare example of its kind. The heritage Lottery Fund however would be a probable source of funds. Janet Norman-Philips agreed to use her expertise to work on the forms and bid for lottery funds. The village meeting voted and unanimously agreed on the need to save the church and bid for lottery funding and additionally seek funding to a) Enable the church to be repaired/restored and sustainably improved to allow for greater functionality and community use, for example by the addition of toilets and a kitchen, b) To increase the size and facilities of the Doorstep Green so that it abuts the land belonging to the church thus allowing c) Better/safer access to the church and Doorstep Green. The committee will republish Parish Plan data which shows almost unanimous support throughout the village for the church’s survival and used for more than worship.

3      Minutes of last meeting: Distributed and agreed.

4      Matters arising: none.

5      Chairman’s report: Mike said that he and his wife Janet had recently taken a less hands on approach due to various family issues. Sadly the village cheese and wine was cancelled but the recent pub on the green had proved a success. He confirmed he would be standing down but would offer his successor whatever support he could and would continue producing the village
magazine and working on the village website. The B-17 crash memorial had now been visited by two sets of relatives of the deceased US airmen. A bench will be placed beside the memorial in time for the September reunion at the 95th Bomb Group. This should not cost the village as donations are expected to cover the cost.

6      Treasurer’s report*: Jeanette reported that the pubs on the green and BBQ were the big earners each year. The cost of running the village (insurances, memberships and grass cutting) is approx. £1,500 per year. The village magazine incurs no costs and makes a nominal profit. Hazel Abbott: Said more publicity was needed for events and efforts put into selling tickets. She pointed out that the PCC would be offering puddings at the BBQ in aid of church funds and asked that it was made clear these are not included in the ticket price.
a. Accounts and Governance accepted & minuted (05/14/6a)
b. 2014 Financial Risk Assessment and Management Actions document adopted (05/14/6b) – David Love asked the Chairman to ensure that the introduction of additional signatures on the bank account was expedited.
c. 2014 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit report accepted (05/14/6c)

7      Village committee membership:
a. Sadly, Linda Hudson has resigned from the Village Committee. We would like to formally thank Linda for all the hard work that she has done on the committee and for the village over the last few years.
b. Existing committee members – Andrew Abbott, Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Jeanette Brierley, Susan Chapman, Allan Chapman, Tony Freitas, Chris Gibbons, Pat Kelly, Russell Kerry, Jacqueline Love (also PCC liaison), Manday Miller and Janet Norman-Philips – all re-elected unanimously.

8      Election of officers:
a. Treasurer – Jeanette Brierley re-elected unanimously.
b. Secretary – Janet Norman-Philips re-elected unanimously.
c. Chairman – Andrew Abbott elected unanimously.

9      Neighbourhood Watch: Apologies for absence from Chris Gibbons – no report.

10    Report from Redlingfield Village Amenities (Doorstep Green)*: It was noted that play equipment for younger children was needed.

11    Any other business:  Hazel Abbott thanked Mike & Janet for all their work. She also thanked Linda – especially for her efforts on behalf of the church.

12   Date of next Pub on the Green is Saturday 14th June 2014
13   Date of next village committee meeting: Tuesday 3rd June 2014. 8pm at Western Barn, Abbotts Meadow, Redlingfield, IP23 7QY.  

*Written reports are held by the secretary – Janet Norman-Philips.