2013 AGM

36th Annual General Meeting of Redlingfield Village Meeting at Horham & Athelington Community Centre 8pm on Wednesday 15th May 2013 (Ref: 05/13)

1      Apologies for absence: Linda Hudson, Chris Gibbons & Manday Miller.

2      Reports from guests*: Elizabeth Gibson-Harries (Mid Suffolk councillor) & PCSO Steven Long (Mid-Suffolk North Safer Neighbourhood Team).

3      Minutes of last meeting: Accepted.

4      Matters arising: Janet Norman-Philips reported on concerns over the A140 Brome junction.

5      Chairman’s report: Mike Ager reported that it was a quiet year and on the difficulties of raising money.

6      Treasurer’s report*: Jeanette Brierley reported that finances were tight.

  1. Accepted and minuted Accounts and Governance (Ref 05/13a).
  2. Adopted 2013 Financial Risk Assessment and Management Actions document (Ref 05/13b).
  3. Accepted 2013 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit report (Ref 05/13c)

7      Village committee membership: Committee of Andrew Abbott, Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Jeanette Brierley, Susan Chapman, Allan Chapman, Chris Gibbons, Linda Hudson, Pat Kelly, Russell Kerry, Jacqueline Love, Manday Miller, Janet Norman-Philips and Tony Freitas re-elected .

8      Election of officers:

8.1   Treasurer: Jeanette Brierley re-elected.

8.2   Secretary: Janet Norman-Philips elected

8.3   Chairman: Mike Ager elected.

9       Neighbourhood Watch: Apologies for absence from Chris Gibbons – nothing to report.

10     Report from Redlingfield Village Amenities (Doorstep Green)*: Janet reported that there was currently no prospect of extending the Doorstep Green.

11     Parish plan/localism agenda: Janet reported on changes to parish plans and agreed it might be a good idea to publish the results we have already. Any further consultation exercise could be very expensive.

12     Any other business:  The new Rector’s appointment was announced.

Meeting closed 9pm.
*Full reports are held by the secretary – Janet Norman-Philips.