2012 AGM

35th Annual General Meeting of Redlingfield Village Meeting at Horham & Athelington Community Centre 8pm on Wednesday 16th May 2012 (Ref: 2012/05*)

1      Apologies for absence: Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Susan & Allan Chapman, Chris Gibbons, Jacqueline Love, Manday Miller.

2      Reports from guests:
2.a   PC 878 Jacqui Thomas: Report attached (Ref: Police 2012/05). Chairman Janet Norman-Philips asked about the Brome speed camera being out of action. The need to report ALL crimes was reiterated. The meeting thanked PC Thomas for attending. Her full report.

2.b   Mid Suffolk District Councillor Elizabeth Gibson-Harries: Report attached (Ref: EGH 2012/05). Liz asked to be told if people were struggling with finances etc and talked about the role of First Responders. The meeting thanked Liz for all the work she had done on Hartismere Hospital – now Hartismere Treatment Centre and throughout the year. Liz added that the Police would be moving into the treatment centre site and that Eye Library would be moving to the old information centre in Eye. Tourism money was also being spent at Eye Castle. Her full report.

2.c    Rev David Streeter:  Reported that work has been done on the church and it is coming along well. He also said that the PCC has a new treasurer Leslie Rose. He will be retiring this year as he will be 70. On his retirement the parishes will join a new Benefice with  with Hoxne, Denham, Syleham and Wingfield. While that is being set up the rural dean, who is based in Laxfield, will be responsible for Redlingfield. Legal access to the church has been secured. Leslie Rose’s partner, Tony Freitas,  has agreed to join the village committee to act as liaison between the PCC and committee. The meeting thanked the vicar for his work and said that a presentation would be made closer to his retirement.

3      Minutes of last meeting: Accepted.

4      Matters arising: None.

5      Chairman’s report: Janet Norman-Philips reported that it had been a very quiet year.

6      Treasurer’s report: (Ref: JB 2012/05)

6.1 Jeanette said that finances have not yet recovered  therefore it was proposed and agreed that we will look at making a donation to the church later in the year once the financial position is clearer.

6.2  It was proposed and agreed that two signatories were need for cheques from the village bank account.

6.3  Financial Statement:-

Total cash held as at 31.03.12 £4,164.35 up from £2,417.33 at 31.03.11 a movement of £1,747. However we have still not recovered last year’s deficit of £2,353.82.

Income from events:
Cheese and Wine 2011
(69 tickets sold – 61 previous year) - Profit £688
BBQ/Hog Roast 2011
(128 tickets sold – 66 previous year) - Profit £914 (nb hog roast was donated)
Pub on the green 2011 - Profit £593
Other income:
Community project grant
 - £258
Village magazine advertising
- £567

Grass cutting
Insurance & Suffolk ACRE membership
 - £624
Audit fees
 - £174

6.a    Minute of Accounts and Governance: Accepted.

6.b   2011 Financial Risk Assessment  & Management Actions: (Ref: Risk 2012/05) Accepted.

6.c    Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit Report: (Ref: Audit 2012/05) Accepted.

7      Village committee membership: Committee of Andrew Abbott, Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Jeanette Brierley, Susan Chapman, Allan Chapman, Chris Gibbons, Linda Hudson, Pat Kelly, Russell Kerry, Jacqueline Love, Manday Miller & Janet Norman-Philips re-elected. Tony Freitas was elected to the committee (liaison with PCC).  Stephen Toll who had earlier resigned due to pressure of work was thanked for his work for the village and in particular his contributions saving the village large amounts of money with lighting and storage for the Doorstep Green.

8      Election of officers:

8.1   Treasurer: Jeanette Brierley re-elected.

8.2   Secretary: Mike Ager resigned.  Janet Norman-Philips elected

8.3   Chairman: Janet Norman-Philips resigned. Mike Ager elected.

9       Neighbourhood Watch: Apologies for absence from Chris Gibbons. People were asked if new email alerts were working and people confirmed that they seemed to be.

10     Report from Redlingfield Village Amenities (Doorstep Green): There was a donation of £50. The new steel storage container kindly donated by Stephen Toll and installed by Andrew Abbott needs to be fitted out, including a strong lock and painted.

11     Parish plan/localism agenda: Discussed. Janet is waiting to hear how and if the work already done can be used. She hopes that not all the work will be lost.

12     Any other business:  Jubilee event flyers to go out. It will be licensed from 3pm to midnight. Billy & Glenn to be asked about doing a BBQ. Russell will provide a marquee. It will be a street party on the Doorstep Green – bring a plate/picnic.