2011 AGM

34th Annual General Meeting of Redlingfield Village Meeting at Horham & Athelington Community Centre 8pm on Wednesday 11th May 2011


1      Apologies for absence: Susan & Allan Chapman, Chris Gibbons, Pat Kelly, Manday Miller.

2      Reports from guests:
2a     Mid Suffolk District Councillor Elizabeth Gibson-Harries: Talked about savings being made by the Babergh-Mid Suffolk tie up and reminded all those in attendance about the postal vote on the subject. She also talked about saving Brome recycling centre and Suffolk County Council          saying they are rethinking some cuts. She also talked about Athelington Hall and agreed that the meeting and subsequent work on Low Road had been a success. She urged the village to take advantage of 106 money that is available.

2b    Rev David Streeter:  Reported that work had been done on the church in 2010 but much maintenance is required. He also said that the PCC had become more efficient.

3      Minutes of last meeting: Read and accepted.

4      Matters arising: Elizabeth Gibson-Harries updated the meeting on the progress at Hartismere Hospital, which should be completed in October. She was delighted that we have not lost Hartismere. The Paddocks in Eye is due to close but she is pushing for a slower staged closure. Janet Norman-Philips said that all the work that had gone in saving Hartismere was appreciated.

5      Chairman’s report: Janet Norman-Philips said it had been a quiet year. The Parish Plan is on hold awaiting Eric Pickles’ ideas on the new Parish Documents – which are due to be published soon. A vast majority supported taking the Doorstep Green up to the church and doing more with St Andrews. There was a very high response. There will be an analysis booklet and the village then votes on that.  Pre-empting the treasurer’s report Janet said the village usually makes enough to cover expenditure. In 2010 we only made £750. For example, we know how much the work the Harvest Supper is but we didn’t make hardly anything. The committee may look at other ideas to raise money. So our donation to the church will be decided later in the year.

6       Treasurer’s report:

Reduction in cash balances from £4,771.15 to £2,417.33

Cheese and Wine 2010 Profit £292

BBQ 2010 Profit £389

Harvest Supper 2010 Profit £200

Pub on the green 2010 Profit £196

                                TOTAL £1,077


Parish magazine (net for the year ) £943

Grass cutting £450

Donation to church £500

Parish Plan costs £923

Insurance & Suffolk ACRE membership £80

Audit fees £141

Misc £86

Wine purchased in advance for 2011 £308.

6a     Minute of Accounts and Governance: Accepted.

6b   2011 Financial Risk Assessment  & Management Actions: Accepted.
6c     Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit Report: Accepted.
7      Village committee membership: Committee of Andrew Abbott, Graham Abbott, Katie Abbott, Mike Ager, Jeanette Brierley, Susan Chapman, Allan Chapman, Chris Gibbons, Linda Hudson, Pat Kelly, Russell Kerry, Jacqueline Love, Manday Miller, Janet Norman-Philips & Stephen Toll re-elected. Susan Toll who had earlier resigned due to pressure of work was thanked for her contributions.

8      Election of officers:

8a     Treasurer: Jeanette Brierley re-elected.

8b    Secretary: Mike Ager re-elected.

8c     Chairman: Janet Norman-Philips re-elected.

9       Neighbourhood Watch: Apologies for absence from Chris Gibbons.

10     Report from Redlingfield Village Amenities (Doorstep Green): 2010 was a quiet year. This year we will be purchasing and installing a metal shed to hold equipment so present building can be used more easily for events as an entertainment hub. Performing Rights Society rule change will mean that a PRS licence will cost £50.

11     Localism agenda: Discussed.

12     Any other business: None.

Ended 9.05pm.

Date of next village committee meeting: Tuesday 7th June 2011.